PDES Inc. is one of the oldest existing virtual corporations in the US. Founded on August 8, 1988, PDES Inc. has worked to implement and standardize data exchange for participant companies for almost 30 years.

Many of the founding organizations continue to receive business value from their participation with PDES Inc.

PDES, Inc. members represent leading manufacturers, U.S government agencies, universities, and software vendors. We support the Digital Enterprise through the development and implementation of information and product exchange and data standards.

These standards support model-based engineering, model-based manufacturing, and model-based sustainment. Implementation testing and data exchange using the ISO 10303 standard (STEP) are an integral part of PDES, Inc.

ISO 10303 standard (STEP)

The ISO 10303 standard, more commonly referred to as STEP, is the best way to efficiently exchange product information throughout the product’s life cycle, both internally and with worldwide partners.

PDES, Inc. can help you utilize STEP to achieve maximum flexibility in design, manufacturing, support, and more.

In addition to implementing and developing product data standards, PDES Inc. is also working to broaden the interoperability and use of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAD) tools, such as CAx-IF, to support the Digital Enterprise.

Since our founding, PDES Inc. has been a leader in the development and implementation of STEP and fellow product data standards to enhance interoperability and effectiveness in the Digital Enterprise and Model-based Enterprise.

Let PDES Inc. help your business, agency, or university increase functionality, user confidence, universal acceptance, and ease of use of STEP and product data standards.

Why should your organization join PDES, Inc.?

As a PDES Inc. participant, your organization gains access to a number of benefits that will help improve product data exchange within your company. Here are just a few of the participation perks:

  • Access to world’s leading experts and knowledge base in STEP deployment.
  • Strong relationships with leading prime contractors and OEMs.
  • Access to training and assistance in STEP deployment.
  • New business with leading companies.

Join PDES, Inc. today!

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