Structure and Operations

Founded August 8, 1988, PDES, Inc. is one of the oldest existing virtual corporations in the US. Many of the founding organizations continue to receive business value from their participation.

Management Structure and Roles
Representatives from each of the participating companies serve on the Board of Directors, which oversees and approves all project work and strategic plans. Sub-committees are organized to manage the details of specific areas such as Membership, Strategic Planning, Communications, etc. The General Manager (GM) oversees organizational operations, serves as a liaison to external organizations, and ensures that the Technical Teams adhere to strategic and technical goals. Technical managers from each participating organization serve on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). They serve as advisors to the Board and oversee the technical direction of the organization. As needed, they form work groups to investigate specific technical issues and report back to the GM and TAC. The TAC meets face-to-face twice a year and participates in monthly calls to review project status and discuss technical issues and concerns for the consortium.

PDES Org Chart 2017

The PDES, Inc. Management Team (PMT) is comprised of the team leaders, the general manager and the TAC. The PMT holds a monthly conference call to perform the work of the TAC, and enable team leaders and the GM to stay aware of project progress and technical issues. Team members use a centralized file-sharing site to store meeting materials, action item lists, status updates, and other publications. Recurring meetings both virtual and in person are used to coordinate operational activities and enable management to make informed decisions.

Technical Team Conference Calls

Team Leader Call
PMT Call

Executive Board Meetings
Implementors' Roundtable
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Technical Team Offsite Meetings

Technical Management Plan
The TAC Chairperson is responsible for development of the TMP, which is approved by the Board on a 2-year cycle and sets the direction for the organization. The company representatives on the TAC develop project proposals that are reviewed by the Project Management Team and presented to the Board. The Board then reviews and prioritizes the projects. Resources are assigned according to priority. Projects that have sufficient resource commitments are added to the TMP.